Alex and Frances from @violetgraydesign invited me to be a part of this very special project – the ‪#‎imperfectlymeVG insta flash mob! This project is all about encouraging us to share our imperfections; to get real, to get raw and to get vulnerable.

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One thing I’ve really struggled to embrace about myself is that I can be quite unmotivated at times and disconnected with myself and what my body needs.

So to properly understand I’ll give you a brief overview on my life.

I work in the community services industry that predominately deals with clients that have experienced significant trauma in their lives. Working closely with these clients can be a tough gig. I nurture them, support them, and encourage them to be the best possible version of themselves. I put 110% into my working day. The highs are amazing. I change lives. The lows however can be really difficult. Clients that I have been working with for years can, in a blink of an eye, undo all their hard work when it comes to improving their quality of life. Then you’re then back to square one…again.

I am a caring person by nature so when clients experience these bad days (and there are always more bad days than good) I take an energetic hit. My mind, body and spirit can suffer because I get invested in wanting to see them succeed.

So where does my lack of motivation and disconnection with my body come into the picture? When I put unconditional love and effort into helping people around me be their best possible selves, I can sometimes neglect myself by putting me last. I can be quite unmotivated by ignoring what my mind, body and spirit needs and as a result get burnt out. I can come home energetically drained and instead of going to yoga or the gym, which is what my body is craving, I sit on the couch with my dog drinking wine watching reruns of Sex and The City. It can be a constant battle but I’m finding that each day is a lesson and I need to focus on not being so hard on myself for skipping a week of exercising.

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I’m learning to put myself first, work on my connection with my body and fully embrace these perfect imperfections of mine. Without nurturing myself first, I can’t be fully of service to anyone else.

NOTE: My beautiful chakra necklace is the throat chakra. This baby is helping me with my communication, confidence and above all willpower to properly love, cherish and nurture myself.

Thank you Violet Gray for organising this amazing movement!

I hope this post will encourage you to embrace and celebrate your imperfections. x

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My life is officially complete. I’m not ashamed to admit this but pretty sure I could live on these ice blocks – they just taste SO DAMN GOOD! Plus they are refined sugar free – woo!

With Summer officially here, who doesn’t love integrating mangos back into their diet. So I have a healthy treat below for you.

iceblock 3


  • Research has shown that mango can assist in the prevention of cancer
  • Contains fibre, pectin and vitamin C to assist in lowering cholesterol
  • Assists with clearing up skin issues
  • Contains vitamin A which assists with eye health
  • Assists with digestion
  • Assists with boosting you immune system

A nutritional break down of mango (1 cup) is below:

  • Vitamin C – 76%
  • Vitamin A – 25%
  • Vitamin B6 – 11%
  • Probiotic Fibre – 9%
  • Copper – 9%
  • Potassium – 7%
  • Magnesium – 4%

   ice-block 1


  • Prep time:             5 mins
  • Cook time:            3 hours
  • Serves:                   6


  • 1 cup of mango (frozen or unfrozen)
  • ½ cup of coconut milk
  • 4 tablespoons of yogurt
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • Optional: If you use Greek yogurt you may want sweeten it with honey

Note: Taste test, make sure you’re happy with the flavour!


  • Put all the ingredients into your blender and blend until the mixture is of a smooth consistency
  • Pour the mixture into your ice-block moulds
  • Pop the moulds into the freezer and leave for approx. 3 hours or until they’ve set.

iceblock 2

I’m so happy with how these ice-blocks turned out! I’ll definitely be mixing it up with a few more flavours in the future so watch this space. x

NOTE – Nutritional data sourced from:


bee pollen 2


Bee pollen is the result of bees and flowers. When a bee lands on a flower, the pollen sticks to its legs while the bee is collecting the nectar from that flower. When the pollen and nectar mix, it creates the beginning of ‘bee pollen’. When the bee flies back to the hive it continues to alter the pollen where enzymes are added to stop the pollen from deteriorating. Bees live on this pollen, as it’s their main nutrition source containing protein, healthy fats, iron, zinc and potassium. There you have it, a condensed version of how bee pollen is made and why it’s considered a superfood.

A break down of the bee pollen is below:

  • Protein – 31%
  • Carbohydrates – 55%
  • Fat – 14%
  • + essential vitamins and minerals


  • Assists with low energy and fatigue
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Assists with skin conditions
  • Assists with a decrease in allergy symptoms
  • Assists with infertility problems
  • Assists with digestive issues such as indigestion, diarrhea and constipation
  • Assists with migraines and depression
  • Assists in boosting the immune system


There are a few different ways you can incorporate bee pollen into your diet. Most people use it at breakfast time and either sprinkle it on top of their yogurt, bowl of fruit, porridge, or in a smoothie to give it a nutritional boost. See below for a recipe!

bee pollen 1


  • 2-4 scoops of organic natural yogurt
  • 5 raw almonds (roughly chopped)
  • 1-2 passionfruit (slice in half and remove the pulp)
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil
  • ½ tablespoon of chia seeds
  • ½ tablespoon of bee pollen


  • Pop all the ingredients into a bowl and enjoy!



  • Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to bee pollen so only start with a small amount.